Optimising Commercial Cleaning in the Era of Hybrid Working

The ODC Model: Our bespoke ODC model is at the forefront of commercial cleaning. It utilises occupancy data, identifying busy and quiet periods in the workplace, tailoring cleaning schedules accordingly. This data-driven strategy ensures efficient, targeted cleaning, focusing resources where they are needed most.

Innovative Technology in Cleaning: Incorporating advanced technologies, such as washroom sensors, our cleaning team is directed to areas with high demand, maximising the effectiveness of our services. By integrating our methods with desk allocation software and smart building data, we ensure a premium, efficient cleaning service.

Case Study: Enhanced Productivity and Cleanliness: For example, a typical week may involve focused zone cleaning from Tuesday to Thursday in high-traffic areas like reception, washrooms, and meeting spaces. Mondays and Fridays see a more dynamic approach, with essential maintenance and touch point cleaning, adapting to the lower occupancy.

ODC Benefits: This tailored approach has led to significant cost savings and improved efficiency. A case study with BT revealed a 40% reduction in projected cleaning costs, showcasing the adaptability and effectiveness of the ODC model in corporate cleaning.

"In this dynamic era of work, it's essential to innovate and adapt. Our Occupancy Driven Cleaning (ODC) model is a testament to this philosophy. By intelligently aligning our cleaning services with actual workspace usage, we not only enhance efficiency but also deliver bespoke solutions that meet our clients' evolving needs. This approach underlines our commitment to being at the cutting edge of corporate cleaning services, ensuring that we stay ahead in providing environments that are not just clean, but also smartly maintained."

Brad Reames, Managing Director, Peartree

Conclusion: Occupancy Driven Cleaning is not just a cleaning service; it's a smart solution tailored to the unique demands of the modern workplace. Embrace the change with us and ensure your office space is not just clean, but intelligently maintained.