We optimise innovation to help us work smarter. By using emerging technologies and agile ways of working, we deliver time and cost savings whilst maintaining the high quality of output we are known for.


Peartree 360 

Our bespoke, innovative quality management system that revolutionises service tracking for our clients. With just a click, clients gain access to real-time data encompassing various aspects of their account such as health and safety, sustainability, quality audits, management visits, PPMs, staff training records, spend tracking, and invoicing.

Our mobile auditing solution seamlessly integrates with Peartree 360, empowering clients to effortlessly assess their cleaning standards. Peartree 360 can seamlessly integrate with our clients' own management platforms, ensuring streamlined collaboration and data synchronisation.

Our Site-based Managers and Working Supervisors conduct daily audits to meticulously assess premises' cleanliness, these audits provide a holistic view of service performance throughout the month, enabling us to identify areas requiring immediate attention and make prompt improvements. Additionally, our Account Managers conduct comprehensive weekly inspections, inviting clients to join us, fostering transparency and collaboration in maintaining exceptional cleanliness standards.




Our all-in-one floor cleaning solution. Compact, but comprehensive, Phantas boldly integrates four floor cleaning modes – vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing, and dust mopping – for unrivaled versatility and usability across various flooring types, both hard and soft.

Its ergonomic design and power assistance system make transporting it around your office effortless for our cleaning opratives. Its compact size enables strong passability through narrow aisles and under-table areas, while its side brush and high-precision sensors ensure zero-distance edge cleaning for maximum coverage.

Powered by AI, Phantas offers hassle-free mapping and map editing through a mobile app, with real-time localisation and 3D environmental perception for dynamic environments. Customisable path planning modes, including zigzag and square spiral motion, further enhance cleaning efficiency.



IoT Sensors 

Our partnership with InfoGrid rethinks building intelligence with IoT sensors that gather real-time data from various locations within your building. These advanced devices offer insights into occupancy levels, temperature, and maintenance needs, enabling our cleaning teams to prioritise areas efficiently.

With data-driven decision-making, our cleaning service benefits from optimised resource allocation, customised cleaning schedules based on occupancy patterns, and enhanced reporting for compliance. InfoGrid's IoT sensors seamlessly blend intelligence and efficiency, elevating our commitment to operational excellence and service quality.

Our cleaning methodologies, powered by InfoGrid's technology, helps reduce operational costs by improving productivity and focusing cleaning efforts where they're needed most, businesses can save substantial amounts annually. For example, a company in a six-floor building at 70% occupancy could improve the cleaning teams' productivity by 45%.




Recycling Initiatives


We offer a wide range of waste management practices and a comprehensive range of recycling initiatives tailored to suit our clients specific needs.

Through collaborative consultation, we meticulously assess each buildings requirements and deliver customised solutions. This may involve implementing onsite Weightron machines, utilising barcoded waste sacks, or employing manual segregation methods to ensure meticulous tracking of all waste streams.

The valuable data generated is then provided to clients for seamless integration into thier own ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reports. This empowers Peartree and clients to make informed decisions and drive sustainable initiatives.



Façade 360

Our cutting-edge innovation in window cleaning serices. During the mobilisation phase, we meticulously craft precise 3D digital models of our clients building, capturing every structural detail and install waterproof QR code tags discreetly to each glazing or cladding run.

When our skilled cleaning operatives initiate a task, they simply scan the QR code using our app. This instantly updates our cloud-hosted system, signalling that cleaning is in progress. Upon completion, a green signal indicates task completion, while any encountered issues prompt proactive intervention, guaranteeing seamless operations.

Façade 360 offers numerous benefits, including minimising disruptions by promptly alerting stakeholders of emergent issues and enhancing response times, ultimately boosting tenant satisfaction rates. Real-time updates allow for continuous monitoring of attendance and productivity, leading to cost savings and eliminating unnecessary visits.

Additionally, our system provides a comprehensive audit trail, offering unlimited access to appointment histories for tailored service provision.