Peartree, People, Planet

Our Commitment

We have set out, our roadmap for an ambitious and sustainable future, and we are making a positive impact in sustainable procurement, employment, and governance. This is being achieved through the way we conduct our business, and the services we provide to our clients. We know that our actions today will change tomorrow's world, and we believe that every employee, supply partner, and client can make a difference on our sustainable journey. To achieve our goals, we will:

Collaborate               Innovate                Influence

Working with our employees, supply partners, and clients, we are delivering a real sustainable impact in our operations and within our supply chain. With 1400 employees, working remotely across the UK we know that Top-Down initiatives must have employee engagement and so, we are asking our employees for their sustainability ideas and input with a simple question: What is the true impact of doing nothing?


Planet Mark

We are accredited with Planet Mark Business Certification with a commitment to achieving Zero Carbon. Our partnership with Planet Mark recognises our commitment to continuous improvement, measuring our energy use, water consumption, travel and waste. We will reduce our carbon footprint by at least 5% each year. Peartree have also protected an acre of rainforest from deforestation through the Cool Earth charity. 

Woodland Trust 

We are a corporate sponsor of the Woodland Trust project. Our woodlands play a huge part in tackling the climate crisis, and planting trees in British woodlands will help the UK to meet its carbon net-zero targets. Every year Woodland Trust dedicate 20 of their trees to Peartree and our clients. 

Terra Carta 

We support HRH The Prince of Wales' Terra Carta initiative. The Terra Carta gives businesses a clear path through to 2030 to help move towards an ambitious and sustainable future using the nature around us and the innovation of the private sector. 



Living Wage Service Provider

Since 2014 we have been active supporters of the Living Wage Foundation, an organisation who believe in a fair day's pay. In paying the real living wage, we have improved staff attendance, retention, and increased morale. A motivated workforce who delivers service excellence and go extra mile, needs to be recognised and rewarded. 

Promoting Staff Wellbeing

As a family business with strong family values, we care about our people. Employee wellbeing has never been more important and is our top priority.

A key feature of our recognition and reward Peartree & Me app is the direct access to our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). We provide to all our employees free one-to-one counselling and advice from experts in mental health, family and money matters.



Removal of Single Use Plastics 

We have switched our reliance on pre-diluted 750ml trigger spray bottles to powder sachets, resulting in an 88% reduction in plastic consumption and a 75% saving on average CO2 omissions and transportation costs. 

Washroom Consumables 

Where we provide washroom paper products, we partner with suppliers, who's raw materials are sourced from known sustainable foresting and production methods. We also have a range of recycled products with reduced packaging and are plastic free. We actively support tree planting initiatives where our suppliers plant seedlings to replace harvested trees. 

Waste Refuse Sacks 

All of the plastic we use are purchased from PRC under The Green Sack™ Company Brand. RPC created the UK's largest polythene recycling infrastructure in the UK. The Green Sack range is made in the UK from 100% recycled British farm plastic that would otherwise be burnt or sent to landfill. 

Sustainable Cleaning Products 

The products we use are safe, biodegradable, non-toxic and made with sustainable packaging. We are proud to be able to combat the harm being done to the environment in this small but effective way. The anti-viral product we use throughout your workplace has been tested against COVID-19 and proved to be 100% effective. Our preferred chemical supplier manufactures all of its products in the UK and are accredited and approved by both Cruelty Free International and the Vegan Society. 

All-Electric Vehicles Fleet 

During 2021 we began the process of replacing our hybrid fleet with electric vehicles. Currently 70% of our fleet is All-Electric with target of 100% by the end of 2023. 

UK Sustainable Procurement 

We have an extensive UK based supply chain which not only mitigates transportation and delivery issues, but also creates a more sustainable post Brexit purchasing strategy. Our branded uniforms, PPE and equipment are all sourced in the UK.