Environment & Sustainability

Our environmental initiatives are central to our operations. Accredited with EcoVadis Silver, the Planet Mark, ISO 14001, and committed to Science Based Targets, we've demonstrated our dedication to exceeding sustainability standards.

Our active partnerships and strategic decisions reflect our commitment to a cleaner, greener future. By partnering with us, clients not only benefit from our accreditations, but also gain access to comprehensive data to track and report their own ESG metrics effectively. With our advanced approach to environmental management, we empower our clients to address their Scope 3 emissions with confidence, below are some of our standard intiaitives:



Eliminating single-use plastics

By replacing pre-diluted 750ml trigger spray bottles with sustainable powder sachets for our core cleaning products, we have achieved an impressive 88% reduction in plastic consumption. Additionally, this shift has led to a 75% decrease in average CO2 emissions and transportation costs.


Eco-Friendly Solutions 

We've dramatically reduced plastic use and CO2 emissions by switching to sustainable powder sachets and sourcing washroom paper products from eco-conscious suppliers. Our commitment extends to procuring 100% recycled refuse sacks and transitioning to SoluDose™ soluble cleaning sachets for waste reduction.


Electric Fleet Transition

Aiming for a fully electric fleet by the end of 2024, we're making tangible progress in reducing our carbon emissions, with 90% of our vehicles already electric.


Sustainable Procurement

Our supply chain is predominantly UK-based, reducing transportation impacts and supporting local businesses. This includes sourcing eco-friendly uniforms, PPE, and equipment.



Our Pledge for a Sustainable Future

Peartree Cleaning Services is embarking on a transformative journey with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), marking 2024 as a year of pivotal importance. This commitment is not just about reducing emissions; it's about setting a precedent in our industry for responsible and sustainable business practices. Our dedicated ESG team is focused on integrating these targets into our operations, ensuring transparency and accountability.

Through meticulous tracking and reporting, we're not only meeting our sustainability goals but also empowering our clients to achieve theirs. As we transition to more sustainable practices across every aspect of our business, from procurement to operations, we're making a global impact.



Join us on this journey towards a sustainable future, where every action we take is a step closer to achieving our vision of a resilient and healthy planet. Explore our initiatives, our progress, and our goals by downloading our ESG report here.