We believe our people are the foundation of our success.

Since our inception in 1986, we have remained a proudly independent, family-owned business. Spanning three generations, our story is one of continuous dedication to creating and maintaining a culture that benefits, recognises, and rewards our employees. Our ethos is rooted in the understanding that our people are key to our sustainability and service excellence.


A Legacy of Leadership and Growth

Under the stewardship of six executive directors who are also shareholders, Peartree has flourished. These leaders have been instrumental in shaping our strategic direction, fostering growth, and ensuring our business's financial health. Today, we celebrate a £26 million annual turnover, a testament to our robust strategy and the hard work of over 1,400 employees across regional offices in Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow, and Birmingham.

Our directors' long-term commitment mirrors our overall approach to employee development and retention. We invest in our staff at every level, from on-site teams to our head office in Brentwood, ensuring opportunities for growth and development are accessible to all. This investment in our people has fostered a loyal and motivated workforce, integral to our high service levels and customer satisfaction.


Comprehensive Training and Development

We recognise the potential in each of our team members and commit to supporting their growth and career aspirations. From bespoke training programs to leadership development initiatives, we ensure that everyone, regardless of their role, has access to the tools and opportunities they need to succeed. This includes foundational skills development to specialist training, such as our Mental Health First Aider courses, underscoring our commitment to a supportive and safe work environment.


Supportive Head Office Functions

The backbone of our operational success lies within our Head Office in Brentwood. Our dedicated support teams, including finance, helpdesk, and health and safety, work diligently behind the scenes. This comprehensive support network is crucial in maintaining operational efficiency, ensuring our on-site teams have everything they need to deliver exceptional service.

Our robust financial position, characterised by substantial cash reserves and prudent management, enables us to operate independently of external borrowings. This financial stability not only secures our future but also reinforces our commitment to our employees and clients.