Foster and Partners

Our Client

In 1967 Norman Foster established Foster Associates, now known as Foster + Partners. Founded in London, Foster + Partners is now a worldwide practice, with project offices in more than twenty countries. Over the past four decades the company has been responsible for a strikingly wide range of work, from urban master plans, public infrastructure, airports, civic and cultural buildings, offices and workplaces to private houses and product design.

In 1999 Norman Foster was honoured with a life peerage in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List, taking the title Lord Foster of Thames Bank.

The Requirements

We originally tendered for the cleaning and support services for their Battersea campus, in 2009.  In the final stages of the RFP process, we were shortlisted and invited to attend 2 interviews to discuss our proposal. Including a final interview with senior partners who wanted to explore our ideas further and gain an understanding of the culture of our business. The service provision for Fosters + Partners campus, includes:

  • Daily office Cleaning
  • Housekeeping and Porterage
  • Weekend Flex team
  • Window Cleaning
  • Events Cleaning
  • Washroom Services
  • Pest Control & Prevention
  • Carpet and hard floor specialist cleaning

Our passion, our independence and our determination to deliver cleaning and service excellence was the deciding factor in Peartree being awarded this prestigious contract

Our Solution


In the early days we faced many challenges and obstacles and very poor cleaning standards. A legacy of the previous supplier. We had to recruit, and train countless new employees, and appoint a new account manager to the contract. The cleaning team was completely reorganized and deployed intelligently. All the buildings were now cleaned in one operation as opposed to the split shift system previously in place. 

Within the first 3 Months we had achieved our objectives, and had reorganised every element of the service streams, delivering our service model and added value. Cleaning standards improved and we had raised the profile and perception of the cleaning and housekeeping teams.
We introduced innovative new technology to help manage the account and provide our client with meaningful data. Our account manager was now able to spend time away from their desk and be out and about in the different buildings directing the teams ensuring the highest standards of cleaning and service excellence was delivered.

Consistent innovation and senior management involvement throughout the lifetime of the relationship has been paramount to service delivery success. 

Now in 2019, we are delighted to have entered in to a new 3-year relationship.

I have spent the majority of the day doing very detailed and thorough cleaning inspections with Jaime. So far, every area on every floor we have looked at has been absolutely faultless! It’s easy to complain about things when they go wrong, but I do believe in giving credit where it is due. You’ve got a great team here, making a real effort. Well done.