Modern Slavery Policy

Peartree Cleaning Services is committed to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking in all its forms. We recognize that slavery and forced labour are grave violations of human rights and have no place in our business operations or supply chains. As an ethical and responsible organization, we are dedicated to upholding the principles of freedom, fairness, and dignity for all individuals.

Our Approach:

Compliance: We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to modern slavery and human trafficking, including the Modern Slavery Act 2015.
Risk Assessment: We will conduct regular assessments of our business operations and supply chains to identify and address any potential risks of modern slavery and human trafficking.
  • Supplier Engagement: We will work closely with our suppliers and contractors to ensure they share our commitment to eradicating modern slavery. We will encourage transparency and ethical practices throughout our supply chains.
  • Due Diligence: We will implement due diligence processes to assess and monitor the risk of modern slavery within our business and supply chains. This includes conducting audits, inspections, and regular assessments of our suppliers' compliance with our standards.
  • Training and Awareness: We will provide training and awareness programs to our employees to ensure they understand the signs of modern slavery and know how to report any concerns or suspicions.
  • Reporting and Investigation: We will encourage and enable the reporting of any suspected cases of modern slavery or human trafficking. We will investigate such reports promptly and take appropriate action to address any identified issues.
  • Continuous Improvement: We are committed to continuously improving our policies, procedures, and practices to prevent modern slavery. We will regularly review and update our approach to ensure its effectiveness.
By implementing this Modern Slavery Policy, Peartree Cleaning Services aims to create a work environment that is free from modern slavery, where all individuals are treated with respect, dignity, and fairness. We are dedicated to working collaboratively with our employees, suppliers, and stakeholders to ensure that our business operations align with our values and contribute to the eradication of modern slavery.
This policy statement will be communicated to all employees, suppliers, and contractors associated with Peartree Cleaning Services to ensure its understanding, implementation, and compliance.