Innovation must drive efficiencies, improve service and create added value.

Whilst our values and standards are set on a very traditional 5 Star service we are also pioneers in mobile solutions, and innovation is a key part of our DNA. With a proven track record of industry firsts, we have designed and created our own app-based technology. Providing substantial investment to develop what we believe is a leading-edge software solution to the management of our services. 

Having introduced companywide IT solutions for auditing, ordering, supplier compliance and training. Our Recruitment and Employment platform was the first truly in-house; conception, designed and developed software. From a prospective candidate to a fully employed member of our team, we have created an original product that manages the candidate journey, captures data and stores documents on a cloud-based portal.

By digitally transforming our business and the way we work: Our Peartree 360 Management System provides live, transparent and open contract information to our clients and managers. Our Peartree 360 provides centralised management and account information all in one place and provides a holistic overview of their account.

Clearly, it would have been easier and required less investment to subscribe to an off the shelf google product, but we believe one size doesn’t fit all and our clients deserve better.

Peartree 360 Management System

360 is a completely bespoke management software designed to enable our clients to have a complete 360 view of our service provision.

Our Client interface holds every element of the service provision data allowing you to search and view recent quality audits, track Manager visits in real time, track expenditures and schedule or reschedule planned periodic specialist cleans.

Accessing the dashboard using a secure name and password, our clients can raise a ‘live’ helpdesk ticket, book meetings with Peartree and view any documents associated to the service: Company Policies, Specifications, SLA’s, RAMS, Clients Audits, Meeting Agendas or Minutes and view a full library of images for all periodic cleans.

The system and software are owned 100% by Peartree Cleaning Services.

Trust ID Vetting

Our vetting processes are more rigorous than any other businesses within our sector. We use a mobile solution developed by TrustID to authenticate employee passports and their right to work documentation.

The app is the same software as used by UK Border Agencies at passport control and complies with Home Office prescribed security and employment checks. Our management team can authenticate passports, through reading the embedded chip within the passport and verifying the MRZ code.

Our pre-employment screening processes guarantee that the cleaning team working in your building are fully vetted and have the right to work.

Market Leaders in digital transformation