Changing the cleaning industry through technology and innovation

Peartree Cleaning stands at the forefront of cleaning innovation, spearheading the integration of state-of-the-art techniques and eco-conscious solutions

Retaining, training, developing and evolving

Excellence isn't just a goal at Peartree Cleaning; it's a commitment embedded in their culture, driving relentless pursuit through continuous improvement, innovation, and unwavering dedication to superior service.

How to deliver the very best internally and externally

Peartree Cleaning remains consistently ahead of the curve, pioneering cutting-edge methodologies and embracing innovation to set new benchmarks in the ever-evolving landscape of the cleaning industry

  • Peartree

    3 generations, learning from each other and evolving the business further, using history as a tool for informed growth and educated decision making.

    The intergenerational wisdom, knowledge, and innovation collectively form the sturdy foundation upon which businesses evolve across generations, embracing continuity, resilience, and forward-thinking strategies.

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  • People

    People are the backbone of business, shaping its culture, driving innovation, and steering its path toward success.

    At the core of every successful Business lies the invaluable contribution of individuals—each with unique skills, ideas, and passions—whose collective dedication propels businesses towards growth and achievement.

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  • Planet

    Working Towards a Sustainable Future through innovative practices, responsible policies, and eco-conscious initiatives.

    In today's conscientious landscape, all businesses are redefining success by embracing planet-centric initiatives. These environmentally benchmarks prioritise sustainable practices, and eco-friendly solutions, driving towards a more environmentally responsible and greener future.

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Good Afternoon
Peartree Cleaning - Sustainable Commercial Cleaning

We are a commercial cleaning and support services business that since 1986 has grown to a company that today employs over 1400 colleagues across all four corners of the United Kingdom. Recognised as a service provider with incredibly high standards and reputation, we deliver our services through brilliant people for some of the best-known companies in the UK.

Never satisfied, we continually review and innovate our service delivery model. Providing investment in people and technology, ensuring our reputation for service excellence is unparalleled. We work collaboratively with our clients, sharing our expertise to meet their needs, whilst developing robust relationships founded on trust and mutual respect.

I have spent the majority of the day doing very detailed and thorough cleaning inspections with Jaime. So far, every area on every floor we have looked at has been absolutely faultless! It’s easy to complain about things when they go wrong, but I do believe in giving credit where it is due. You’ve got a great team here, making a real effort. Well done.

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