We are a diverse organisation, employing a large multi-cultural workforce where English is often not their first language. We work with brilliant people who understand our values and their duties, and all of them are trained to our meticulous standards.

We don’t believe in training in classrooms, we think training should be accessible anywhere either at home, on the move, or on the bus. So, we designed and developed our own innovative app to work on any device, using industry best practice.

Our people are trained by offering a blended learning experience through our Peartree Employee App, which provides a suite of interactive animated training modules and competency questions, all narrated in several commonly spoken foreign languages. The safe use of cleaning equipment, products, security awareness, health & safety, infection control are all covered.

As training is part of our onboarding process, we can ensure our people have been trained to our standards and have passed all competency tests before entering your premises. 

Our training inspires the ultimate customer service experience