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33 years of Service Excellence 1986 - 2019

Trust ID Vetting

In 2015 Peartree Cleaning Services implemented throughout its business TRUSTID mobile software to authenticate employee passports.  The process and software is used by UK border agency at passport control in all UK airports and border crossings. Our operations managers are able to check a passport is valid and read the photograph embedded in the passport chip to verify its authenticity.

TrustID Mobile

Using this innovative mobile software our clients can be confident and have peace of mind that all of our employees working on our client’s premises have had their identity verified in a consistent and auditable way using this innovative software.

It’s not always practical to have a desk top solution if staff are remote, on the move or if the number of identities needing to be checked is quite small or relatively infrequent.  TrustID mobile solves this problem; it’s an easy to use app which works on phone or tablet.

Our Operations Management Team are now able to scan identity documents and passports, the app then analyses the scans, validates them giving an “accept” or “fail” result.   Other supporting documentation such as utility bills and driving licenses are scanned as part of the validation process.


How it Works

The identity document needing to be checked is simply placed under the open app on the smartphone and held in place until the software confirms to the user that the document has been correctly read.


The Checks

All scanned information is processed and checked by the TrustID powerful software. Information that is visible and invisible is captured and compared for accuracy and validity. Key areas checked are:

The data and analysis is then transmitted securely back to our Head Office for auditing and compliance purposes.  The easy to use mobile app allows us to validate identity documents and capture applicant data at the same time in seconds.

The solution quickly validates security features that cannot be checked visually and can be used with very little training. The easy to use and comprehensive reporting and auditing functions ensures compliance at a touch of a button.


The Results

The results and images are presented intuitively on screen for the user to make a decision. If the user has any doubt in making that decision, the TrustID document referral service is available at the click of a button; Accept, Fail, Refer.

With all the information and results automatically archived, we are able to demonstrate a commitment and compliance to identity checking without the need for storing multiple photocopies – a significant saving in both time and administration.