PearTree Cleaning Services Ltd

33 years of Service Excellence 1986 - 2019

Peartree 360 Management System

Peartree 360 is a completely new and bespoke management software designed to enable our clients to have a complete 360 view of our service provision.

We have developed a Client interface that holds every element of the service provision data. Clients are now able to search and view recent quality audits, track Manager visits in real time, track expenditures and schedule or reschedule planned periodic specialist cleans.

Accessing the dashboard using a secure name and password, our clients can raise a ‘live’ helpdesk ticket, book meetings with Peartree and view any documents associated to the service: Company Policies, Specifications, SLA’s, RAMS, Clients Audits, Meeting Agendas or Minutes and view a full library of images for all periodic cleans.

The system and software are owned 100% by Peartree Cleaning Services.