PearTree Cleaning Services Ltd

32 years of Service Excellence 1986 - 2018

Online Induction Training

Using innovative web enabled learning delivered through our website we are able to ensure all personnel are trained and have passed the competency questionnaire prior to entering our client's premises. 

As a fast growing diverse organisation, we employ a large multi-cultural workforce where English is a second spoken language. To ensure all of our employees fully understand the expectation placed upon them and the nature of their duties they will be expected to perform, we have developed our training module to be delivered in a number of core languages such as Spanish, Portuguese and Polish. 

The presentation welcomes the employee to our company and goes on to cover areas such as conduct, performance, attendance, and health and safety. Following on from this, various "How to" topics are covered such as removal of waste, dusting, vacuuming and washroom cleaning. Each topic is introduced and the correct method demonstrated and narrated. A separate supervisor section is also included, describing the role and expectation we place on our supervisors. It covers subjects including site administration and quality control. 

Subsequent to watching the video the employee is taken to a new screen where a series of competency questions are displayed. The employee answers each multiple choice question and the results are sent to the relevant Operations Manager, payroll and a copy is held on the employee file.