PearTree Cleaning Services Ltd

33 years of Service Excellence 1986 - 2019


At Peartree Cleaning Services we care about the environment in which we live in, and we take our responsibilities very seriously. We understand that our actions today will affect tomorrow's generation and, we believe that managing environmental issues should involve everybody.

We are committed to continuous improvements in our environmental performance in every sphere of our operations, but specifically reducing our carbon emissions as a result of carrying out our daily business. Our total vehicle fuel consumption dominates our carbon emissions and our vehicle fleet is entirely made up of Hybrid vehicles. For example our City and West End management teams are all provided with the latest Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid which has ultra low CO2 combined emissions of 49 (g/k).

We can help our clients too with their own ESOS energy audits and energy consumption, by equipping our cleaning teams with the latest energy efficient 'A' rated cleaning equipment and vacuum cleaners. 

Our annual external & independent audit confirmed the following 

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