PearTree Cleaning Services Ltd

32 years of Service Excellence 1986 - 2018

Our Culture

Our cleaning philosophy is simple: Clean thoroughly, every day. 

And our cleaning staff understand the simplicity of that instruction; ensuring our clients experience a clean work space every day. 

And it is no wonder that our service is most valued by clients who set their own aspirational standards and expect nothing less than perfection. 

We tailor every new proposal and service delivery model to our client’s exact needs and we truly value being their cleaning company of choice. We understand that the perception of cleaning standards is subjective and so we give our clients every opportunity to comment on our service and provide feedback. Beyond the daily checks with our Management team, we also conduct a customer care call at a frequency chosen by our clients. In our most recent survey our clients told us they value Peartree’s service because we provide: 

For our staff we want Peartree to be the place to succeed. Our diverse friendly culture attracts and develops people from around the London, the South East and the UK. Representing more than 40 Nationalities, our employees contribute their skills, diversity and talent to a work culture shaped by mutual respect and thriving in an environment designed to make each of them a success.